May 2005

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Scott Polhemus

NAME: Scott Polhemus
NICKNAME: Scottie “Too Hottie”
AGE: 25
BAR/CLUB OF EMPLOYMENT: Bar Anticipation, Lake Como, NJ.

How did you start bartending?
I was waiting tables at a local pub when I was 17. When I turned 18, I knew that I could legally start bartending so I begged and pleaded for them to teach me how. The week of my 18th birthday, they threw me behind the bar and the rest is history.

What do you like about bartending?
Other than the fast money, I would have to say the variety of people that I have met along the way. Some of the craziest things that you will see happen in bars/clubs!

What is the most annoying thing a customer can do to a bartender?
Order a drink, and then walk away. Another is to yell for me and when I get there, not knowing what they want. You can also serve someone the same drink seven times in a row and by the 7th time, he still does not know what the cost is. There is plenty but those are few off the top of my head.

What do you like most about Bar a, besides the money?
The comradery among employees at Bar A is absolutely amazing. I’ve worked at over a ˝ dozen bars and have never and probably will never work anywhere or for anyone and have such a feeling of comfort, as I have received and witnessed at Bar A. It is unusual to have such a large group of people enjoy each other’s company as it is easily done at work and play for the Bar A staff. This is also attributed to the awesome management staff, along with one of the most respected and caring owners in the industry. I can go on and on and there is obviously a lot to like about Bar A. These attributes of Bar A almost makes the money secondary.
(Note: I agree-Dave)

What is your personal drink of choice?
I drink Michelob Ultra, unless I’m boozing, then it is Stoli’O, or Van Gogh pineapple vodka & tonic.

What is the best shot that you make?
I usually get complimented on my Tangs or Vanilla Cakes.

If you didn’t bartend, what would be your job?

Who is your favorite DJ?
DJ Dave, of course.

What style of music do you like best?
Everything but country.

Do you do the Electric Slide?
If I am drunk enough at a wedding, I’ve been known to bust it out. I’ve never actually remembered doing it though. (Note: I’ve seen it and you are probably better off not remembering-Dave)

When you think of the Cha Cha Slide, what comes to mind?
I have no idea what that is.

Scottie is famous to us here at MODERNDJ.COM for his “world famous” Jack and Diet.
What is the secret behind the World Famous?

Lots and lots of Jack. (Note: Easy answer-Dave)

Scott works at Bar A every Tuesday Night, Thursday Night, Friday Night and Saturday Night all summer long. Check out for more info.