August 2005

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Shauna Marie Paone

NAME:  Shauna Marie Paone
NICKNAME:  Smoochie
HOMETOWN:  Long Branch, NJ
AGE:  ?
YEARS OF BARTENDING SERVICE:  On and off for the last nine years.  (mostly on)
BAR/CLUB OF EMPLOYMENT:  Columns, Avon by the Sea, NJ
How did you start bartending? 
I was working at Hooters in the summer of '96 and one day I was working as a waitress and the bartender called out sick, so they threw me back there and I have bartended ever since.
What do you like about bartending? 
It is not like a job for me.  I have a full time job as a nail tech/partner at a hair and nail salon in Fair Haven.  So when I come to the Columns to bartend for the night, it is like getting paid to have fun.
As a bartender, what distinguishes you from all others? 
The only answer I have for this question is that I am not like any other bartenders because I am me.  I tend to dance all night and just make everyone have a good time.
Name an annoying thing that a customer has done to me? 
Just the oldies but goodies.  Banging an ashtray on the bar, yelling to get my attention.  When I am washing glasses or making someone else's drink and the customer waves their drink in your face and the "excuse me ma'am" kills me every time.
What do you think the best qualities about working at the Columns? 
It is the most fun I ever had working at a bar/club.  Management is so helping and would never ask you to do something that they were not willing to do.  They back you up on any decision you make (i.e.. cutting someone off or flagging someone).  They really make you feel like one of the family.  It is just an incredibly awesome atmosphere to be in.  I wouldn't trade this job for the world!
What is your personal drink of choice? 
That depends on the night and where I am.  I enjoy beer mostly, Sam Adams Summer Ale is my choice right now, but Miller Lite is the drink I order most often.  And when I am not in the mood for a beer, it is usually something sweet like Stoli Razz and 7, 007, or even go as crazy as a Malibu Bay Breeze.
What is the best shot you make? 
Well, the shot I make most is SoCo and lime and red deaths.  The shot I make best is a Dalton special and we call it a sweet a** shot.  It consists of Berentzen's apple, Peach, Cran and Pineapple.  Little on sweet side but always a winner
Who is your favorite DJ? 
Hands down, and don't think anyone can match her, DJ Dawn.  She plays such diverse music that everyone is happy.  It takes you bak to turning up the music in your car and just driving around.  It is amazing what she can do with the diversity of the Columns and she gets everyone up dancing!
What is your perfect song? 
Any song that brings you to a place that you haven't been or reminds you of a better time.
You can catch Shauna at the Columns every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Night.  She is also there every Monday afternoon.  Make sure to stop by and say hello.